Saturday, February 19, 2011

Volunteer Scrap

I take time every month to go to a retirement community every month to put a scrapbook together for the home.  I enjoy these ladies company more then they probably enjoy mine.  A new person started to come and scrapbook with us last month and she told me she is legally blind and her hands don't work very well, to the point she can't do much.  She loves to scrapbook and I told her told that I would come visit her special once a month.  Today was our first "date" she wasn't feeling to well so I offered to come back and she said no she was looking forward to today.  We only worked for a half hr and then she needed to lay down.  Before she laid down she told me she just turned 93 years old and she LOVES to scrapbook, well she did before she couldn't see anymore.  I just love volunteering and listening to their stories and looking at their pictures and hearing the stories behind the pictures.

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